Training Schedule

Human Capability Development Software Consultancy Independent review
·       Awareness

·       Training

·       Coaching

·       Mentoring

·  Software support to enable efficient and effective implementation and maintenance of a defined risk management and/or business process ·       Implementation planning

·       Process design

·       Process implementation

·       Process optimisation

·       Compliance audits

·       Process adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency review

·       Independent incident investigation

Product/service focus Product Value add
Executive introduction presentation

(2 hours)

Management team familiar with the process, value potential and implementation resource requirements
Risk Management Professionals workshop

(1 day)

Risk specialists familiar with the process, risk mitigation value potential and the suggested implementation approach
Implementation facilitation

(3 day)

Facilitators equipped with the knowledge related to key aspects of the process, implementation planning approach and implementation challenges
Bowtie facilitation

(3 day)

Facilitators familiar with the Bowtie risk analysis methodology, definition of a control, control plan development methodology and control plan effectiveness assessment tool
Performance standard and verification plan development

(3 day)

Participants capable of developing fit for purpose performance standards, associated verification plans and role clarification of role players
Coaching and mentoring Coach and mentor in house facilitators Develop competent facilitators in support of fast, efficient and effective implementation and maintenance of the MRM program
Software Thesis Bowtie 6.3 Enable facilitation of the process by utilising a global leading software solution
Consultancy (guidance, assistance, facilitation) Development of MRM program implementation plan Effective and efficient implementation
Development of a business process for MRM and electronic mapping of the process and supporting documents/procedures Fit for purpose material risk management business process map (VISIO or ARIS) aligned with global best practice
Facilitation of various implementation workshops (MUE identification, BOWTIE, control plan, performance standard, verification plan and TARP’s) High quality output
Assist in the development of information flow chart to facilitate timeous and appropriate response as per defined RACI Efficient and effective flow of information
Independent review Compliance audits with defined scope Independent compliance opinion by global experts
Process review Independent opinion on the adequacy, applicability, effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented process in achieving the stated objectives
Independent incident investigations (Material risk, high potential or critical control failure incidents) Independent opinion on the control adequacy/performance weaknesses and the organisational factors underpinning these weaknesses