Learning from Incidents (CRAM)

Learning from Incidents (CRAM)

Product/service focus


Value add





Executive introduction presentation
(2 hours)

Management team familiar with the process, value potential and implementation resource requirements





2 Days

  • Understanding of the principles of risk management
  • Understanding of the principles of incident investigation
  • Understanding legal requirements


3 Days

  • Understanding cohesive risk management
  • Understanding how to manage critical controls
  • Understanding how to evaluate control quality
  • Understanding incident investigation theory
  • Understanding how to gather evidence
  • Understanding basic evidence analysis
  • Know how to develop quality recommendations


4 hours

  • Understanding the value of cohesive risk management and incident investigation
  • Understanding the quality parameters to a good investigation


5 Days

  • Competent application of the CRAM investigation practice.
  • Value realization from analysis of the organizational failures
  • Ability to improve risk management practice post incidents
  • Development of a strategy to ensure no incident repeats

Coaching and mentoring

Coach and mentor in house facilitators

Develop competent facilitators in support of fast, efficient and effective implementation and maintenance of the LFI program



  • Custom CRAM support software being developed.
  • Operating on desktops and mobile devices
  • Supports and guides incident facilitators through the full CRAM lifecycle
  • Can be integrated with existing management systems
  • Customisable to specific needs

Consultancy (guidance, assistance, facilitation)

Development of LFI Strategy

Fit for purpose LFI process to support the value outcomes of the business


Development of a business process for LFI and electronic mapping of the process and supporting documents/procedures

Fit for purpose LFI business process map aligned with global good practice

Independent review

Compliance audits with defined scope

Independent compliance opinion by global experts


Process review

Independent opinion on the adequacy, applicability, effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented process in achieving the stated objectives


Independent incident investigations (Material risk, high potential or critical control failure incidents)

  • Independent opinion on the control adequacy/performance weaknesses
  • Identification of the causal factors to the incident
  • Identification of the organisational driving factors to failures of critical controls and behaviours
  • Development of pragmatic recommendations for prevention of recurrence and improvement of risk management